diploma’s story

Bismillah 🙂


Hey kau.

Yang sedang khusyuk skodeng blog ni.




Just want you to know…


Now you are in the ‘Srikandiunik hot zone’  ^_^




The journey is begun with ..


Three nineteen years old girls..


Hajar Zaki, Athira Muhammad and me. :)

Hajar Zaki, Athira Muhammad and me. 🙂


are working so hard to be an Occupational therapist at Hospital Sultanah Bahyah, Alor Star Kedah. Since October until Disember 2011 in Peadiatric area.


‘I believe that you’ll be somebody in the future.’ (En Muthu, Supervisor)

1. Mahligai Klasik, that placed that they’ve been lived with.

2. The confidence that they’ve built it with.

3. Their life.

4. Their soul.

5. Their things.

6. The part of them.

7. Their smiles.

8. Their hurts.

9. Their responsibility.

10. Their experience.

11. Their tears.




The journey is continued with ..


Two twenty years old girls..

Syuhada and me.

Syuhada and me.


are looking for their skills in Orthopaedic and Surgical area in Occupational Therapy at Hospital Seberang Jaya, Pulau Pinang. Since April until May 2012.


‘Teruskan gaya presentation awak. Kalau boleh upgrade lagi. Saya tahu awak mampu pergi dengan lebih jauh lagi.’ (En Yusfaizal, Supervisor)


1. Their future.

2. Their differences.

3. Their metamorphosis.

4. The mirror they are reflecting with.

5.  The accessories that they wore with.

6. The critics that bounce them back.

7. Their stories.




Next journey..


Three awesome twenty-one years old girls …


Izzah, Hajar and me.

Izzah, Hajar and me.


are searching for their ‘right’ in Psychiatric and Medical Neuro setting in Occupational Therapy at Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah, Muar Johor. Since November 2012 until Mac 2013.


‘Presentation awak ni dah bagus. Cuma ia perlu sedikit pada penelitian lagi. Overall well done..’ ( Pn Mizah, Supervisor)


Pyschiatric setting.


1. Their blurr. -_-

2. Their weakness.

3. Their hopes.

4. Their trust.

5. Their skills start to develop.

6. Their links.

7. Their memorials.


Medical Neuro setting.


1. Be them.

2. Their priorities.

3. Their interest.

4. Watch out the back bone!

5. The things that describe who really they are to be.

6. Their work to be.

7. the story ending about them.



When there are no choice to you to choose, actually you have a choice to choose with. 🙂

Either be a good or bad person.

That choice always be your chosen.

 In every step that you’ve taken or you’ll be taken.

So, let’s choose that choice that will be your chosen.  😉







And your chosen will describe who actually you are.


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